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Livingroom WEB

Video installation The first time in my life that I have ever knowingly grasped erotic sensation thanks to MTV: David Bowie, China Girl emerged from the need to revalue the content of a personal memory and, on the other hand, the attitude towards sentimentality in general.

It is consisted of a video taped on a VHS cassette, reproduced via VCR on an analogue TV set. Due to distortion of sound taped on a VHS cassette, an audio track that rounds up the ambiance is played via mp3 player and accompanying speakers. Installation also includes a TV stand and a chair that simulate a childhood living room where the initial experience took place.

The basic motif, the romantic landscape depicting sunset and lovers rolling in the waves, in it’s repetition, causes continuous regoing through the sentimental experience, the recollecting of the times passed: analogue TVs, unexpected glitches and burnt colors of the the image reproduced in VHS technology, recollections of the photonic scene that had been remembered in childhood. The constant repetition of the motif that oscillates between the determinants of romantic, erotic and kitsch, creates a sense of discomfort in a way that the images reflect a dissonant attitude towards sentimentality. They are simultaneously an homage to it’s nonjudgmental innocence, and an ironic criticism of it.

The temporality of memories, their fragility affected by the passing of time, is further suggested by the suggestive audio track that accordingly reflects the sentiment. The ambient environment thus becomes a particular mise-en-scène that provides the contemplative time (and space) for the observer.

Total duration of a video is 180′. Video needs to be manually re-winded by the spectator in order to be played again.

Guitars, vocals, arrangements: Iva Kuzmanović

Guitars, arrangements, sound engineering: Vladimir Milićević

Video editing: Nemanja Petrović

Lyrics taken from the song “China Girl” by David Bowie and Iggy Pop

TV set WEB

Detail of the installation


Detail of the installation